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Get Me Laid Briefs

I wore my get-me-laid-boxer-briefs because I felt sexy and ready to rock. I only wear these when I feel like I can get some, but need that extra push to get me over the hump. Giggle. “Hump”.

These briefs are to be worn only in an instance where I am already 78% likely to get some due to earlier positive indications from my mate. The briefs boost my chance by an average of 15-20%. True story.

But my chances suffer on nights when Fifi (fiancée) suffers from migranes or tummy aches. Almost a waste of the boxer briefs that fit snug on my already small ass and enhance what little package I possess. A lose-lose situation where I have to now wash my unsexed briefs and wait for them to surface again from the laundry. And if they get tossed in the hamper that’s been recently emptied I suffer from FILO (first in last out) and I don’t get my lucky briefs till all the laundry is done.


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