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Pretentious New York

People of New York have always boiled this Brown Man’s water for decades. But none more than the people who are just too “authentic”. What do I mean? Take for example, the New Yorker that hates the chain restaurants. The Applebees of the world aren’t “New York” and if you want a real burger you gotta go to a joint tucked behind a deli in the lower East Side…or real Italian food that’s “New York” can’t exist at an Olive Garden. Nay, real Italian is at an inaccesible place that you need to travel to by ferry and horse somewhere by a lighthouse and burned down warehouse.

Screw that. These “authentic” restaurants get all this hype that goes to the establishment’s ego and in turn, allow them to be pricey and never renovate the place. I went to a shithole yesterday for pricey cupcakes in what is probably considered a New York gem for desserts. Meanwhile, it’s in a rundown area of the city and they offer probably 12 different cupcakes at most because the place can’t fit anymore.

New Yorkers that think they have the best places for food and drinks need to get off their high horse and realize the only good “local eateries” are those ran by our immigrant people that don’t jack prices up. The next best thing is food from Ruby Tuesdays which rival any local crappery dining.


3 Responses

  1. To be fair this bakery was one a few that sells gluten free cupcakes, which was why we were there. Your hatred for Supper has made me love it more, BUT i also love OG.

  2. As a Long Islander, you have no credibility in this matter.

    It’s not that we shun these restaurants. I don’t mind them when I’m in the suburbs. It’s just when you’re in New York, for every TGI Fridays, there are about 10 places within a block that’s better.

    As for those cupcakes, they were gluten free… no wonder they sucked.

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