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Slim Fast

Brown Man says : i dunno babe, this slim fast is kinda good…whether it keeps me full…we’ll see
Fifi says : lol. u can get it from now on then. i hate it
Brown Man says : i got judged just now. for using it
Brown Man says : people were like “you use that thing?”
Fifi says: slim fast? i get judged for the Ensure
Brown Man says: well i mean…im a dude…on slim fast
Fifi says: lol true
Brown Man says: working with a guy who was in a frat
Brown Man says : He was like “i saw that- i wasnt gonna say anything…sheesh”
Fifi says: but i get the “isn’t that only for old people”
Brown Man says: aw ensure got a new, hip look and design

Note: Slim Fast was not enough. 10 minutes after finishing it I went to Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee and sandwich meal. I told people I was drinking Slim Fast because I didn’t want to waste it as my fiancée doesn’t like it.


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