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Life Without You

Fifi (fiancée) asked if I’d let her die a horrible, painful death but spend eternity with her in the afterlife. In this scenario I am 50 and know I’m going to die. Or, would I let her live on so that she can find someone else to remarry. Again, I croak here.

“How…what…that’s the stupidest question of ‘would you rather’ ever!” I began. “Wait. Did you let yourself go in this situation?”


“Yea, you’re dying bitch.”

“What? You’d be that selfish?”

“Dude. Really? What happens when I meet up with you again in the afterlife – who you gonna be with? Bitch you better choose! Him or me!”

“Well there is no afterlife if you let me live.”

“Stupidest question ever! Would you let me die or move on to someone else?”

“Pfft! You’re dying!”

“Uh huh.”


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