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This Week in Subway Review

-Still delayed to work and back home each way, each ride.

-Fifi and I took 3 whole minutes on a packed train deciding whether or not to give our seats to a father lifting his 4 year old child. I pretended to sleep until Fifi put the onus on me: “I can’t move until you do”.

-After giving our seats up I explained to Fifi that my good deed allowed me to chuckle in good spirits over the little person (or midget for you insensitive folk) behind us. She said I’m going to hell.

-After a light hearted laugh with the little person I had to stifle a shocked giggle. The train took off at a stop and I ELBOWED her in the head! She was close enough…and well low enough…to catch arm bone.

“I don’t know what protocol is here!” I whispered to my smirking fiancée. “I mean- do I say sorry?”

“Of course you do!”

“But my apology would only be ‘half hearted’!”

“Oh my goodness- you’re horrible!”

-I almost got makeup on my pants. Not from Fifi. Nay, a jackanape decided to put on makeup while standing up above me. See picture below. Note: the makeup didn’t improve the cuntbubble’s appearance in anyway.


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