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This Week In Subway Review

-A blind man was transfering onto the same train as mine but the conductor closed the doors on him, literally. People had to pry the doors open so that he got on. The funny thing was that he had a “Jamaica” back pack on- but he’s white. Cruel joke his friends are playing on him.

-A lady sat next to me but accidentally hit an adjacent woman with her back. The woman gave the lady the ghettoest stare down despite the sitter apologizing. Naturally the ghetto woman was Hispanic with a tied back pony tail to expose a high forehead. Why do they tie their hair so tight and in pony tails?

-A chic gets way too close to me in a packed train, no regards for personal space. She bends down in front of me to adjust her bag on the floor- way too close in ways only my fiancée dare bend. Don’t worry Fifi, she was a black chic.

-I sat next to … I think a guy … who is black (race is only important if I call it out) that just kept chewing his…oh wait! “She” just got up. Ugh I can’t tell when they shave their heads. So yea, she kept chewing her gum with her mouth open and smacking those flapping lips. I think if you can’t control the loudness of your repetitive chewing, then gum isn’t for you.

-Once again all trains I went on were delayed and packed. Holy Japan train systems, Batman!

-Also pictured below is a picture of 2 women sitting next to each…on an empty train. I just don’t get why people don’t spread out as the trains empty. The train wasn’t that cold that either needed the body warmth.


2 Responses

  1. First and froremost, I have to give it to you, somehow you always find a way to take pictures, without anyone noticing that you are invading their privacy. Chinese girls looks kinda cute, maybe she should have spread the legs LOL. The black thing next to you, brother carry some fried chicken, spread it around the train, so that the blac folks can scatter and do their thing.

  2. Ha! I actually noticed the sign behind Asia talk about tp. Nice.

    Anything else I can use besides chicken? Grape soda is mire portable…

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