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All Teens Are Created Equal

Guess it’s inevitable. All teens will act the same no matter how you raise them. My sister has always had an impatient attitude towards my parents. They are considered lame and stupid for even trying to think they know what she is going through.

I didn’t expect her impatience to spread to me. She was short and attitudeish towards me yesterday when I knocked on her bedroom door to say goodbye as I visited my parents when I started mouthing some words. She was on the phone with her boy and she was begging me to not act retarded like I normally do.

A bit of history: he boyfriend is a total douche. Now you’re caught up. He would penalize her if I were to say something brother-retarded as brothers do whilst on the phone. There is no room for joking, as I’ve learned with these Muslim people. Poor girl, she had the chance to not be a regular teenager- well now an adult I guess as she can soon legally drink. But she can’t drink because lover boy forbids it.

Kids will be kids.


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