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Fifi: Do you get offended when people tell you that you sound white? I mean, you speak way whiter than your cousins. When I first saw you I expected you to speak like them, to speak–

Brown Man: –Nigganess?

Fifi: um I was going to say “ghetto”…but yea I guess that works too. So you don’t get offended when people expect you white rather than…”nigganess”? I mean, your cousins- even your father speak more like that than white.

Brown Man: Well in the spectrum of “niggadom” I do revert to some “nigganess” when I’m around my family as you notice.

Fifi: yea I do.

Brown Man: Which makes me more…”niggesque” by nature. Not sure why, I mean I grew up in Queens and still held onto my white speech. Guess I paid attention in school and decided who I don’t want to act like when I grow up. That includes my father and cousins.


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