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New York Subway in Review

Below is the week’s Subway in review. I am very happy to be on the NY Subways again. Yay.

-Woman rode the train sitting down with her feet on top of her shoes as opposed to in them.

-The train has stalled on every single trip into and out of the city this week.

-The “F” train continues to run as worse as ever…4 connecting “E” trains have passed before an “F” arrived. Problem: all of New York ends up getting off the stop waiting to connect to the “F” and ultimately crowds the train.

-People continue to gravitate towards Fifi (fiancée) and crowd her space despite there being tons of space available outside her personal 3 foot radius.

-On one of the train rides where we waited for 30 minutes stuck due to a sick passenger, there were 2 high school girls singing random songs in unison out loud. Their race does not matter here, so I won’t mention it even if you give me a black eye, or a black and blue shin kick- heck you can black out my cable TV stations, I still won’t let you have me go the racial route. Sheesh. Such a black soul [food Sunday] you are.

-An annoying pair of coworkers was talking quite loud on the train about their job. Well, the older lady was as she explained all the job functions she is currently responsible for to her younger counterpart who just had to stand there and listen. The funny thing is, as she explains the reports and other what-sounds-like-important spreadsheets she’s managing over, a keen ear would pick up that this old hag does nothing but receptionist work. It’s pretty lame to talk with big words and important work related stuff out loud on the train when people are listening as is- we just want to listen to our ipods or read. But to chat about clerical work? Sheesh.

-As I speak a purse is in my face by a woman who can’t control her purse- I fear should she have any kids as she lets them run around like jackals.


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