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Are You Kidding Me?

I’m okay with waiting for my fiancée at he job’s office building as she is running late. It happens. I usually am able to get someone at the front desk to activate the elevators after hours and send me up to Fifi’s floor with no problem. But for some reason the guys down here won’t let me up and Fifi is too swamped to come down and let me up. Okay, no worries. These guys are just doing their job.

But as I wait in the lobby for Fifi I get scolded by another worker here: “No leaning on the walls!” he yells. On marble walls (who the hell does marble walls???) I am not allowed to lean on while I wait. In no way will I leave a smudge on marble, and in no way am I in school anymore! WTF???

Who cares, this building is ugly anyways. Pretentious building and their faggy walls. Look at them!! Boils my water!!!


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