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Former Classmates

Brown Man says (8:59 AM): sup
Bellies says (9:00 AM): what up
Brown Man says (9:00 AM): just sitting here wondering why i accepted that big chic from high school (Shamu) as a friend on facebook
Bellies says (9:01 AM): lol. so y did u?
Brown Man says (9:02 AM): i dunno, we had some common friends…and if they can do it…so can I
Bellies says (9:14 AM): Shamu has a baby dino for a kid
Brown Man says (9:16 AM): dude, i believe that
Bellies says (9:17 AM): i wonder if nat geo taped all of it… it is like going back in time. live dino being made and born LMAO
Brown Man says (9:21 AM): LOL
Brown Man says (9:22 AM): would you sha-bang with Shamu for 5 minutes straight, raw, or take Double Penetration…in any hole of your choice?
Bellies says (9:23 AM): would i jump off a bridge? YES i will jump
Brown Man says (9:28 AM): no sir. you know you can’t and I won’t let you. that’s too big a splash which will flood our bridges
Bellies says (9:29 AM): less of a splash: i lost some weight
Brown Man says (9:30 AM): not enough
Bellies says (9:31 AM): understandable
Brown Man says (9:31 AM): please, what are you doing?
Bellies says (9:34 AM): dying
Brown Man says (9:35 AM): wow. i rather you answer, but must respect your decision
Bellies says (9:36 AM): it is like saying would u rather do Shamu or that prehistoric Turok chic from high school
Brown Man says (9:38 AM): it isnt: because u have a ray of hope with Turok
Bellies says (9:39 AM): ok Shamu or that other chic Mack Truck (because she looked like she got run over by one)
Brown Man says (9:39 AM): hmm…still ray of hope
Bellies says (9:40 AM): with who??
Brown Man says (9:40 AM): mack
Bellies says (9:40 AM): the only hope is that you have a death wish
Bellies says (9:41 AM): or end stage cancer
Brown Man says (9:42 AM): lol, true. I mean, just look at their nick names


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