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Toilet Talk: Catch Phrase

I went with the in-laws last week to a time share in the New Hampshire mountains. We had some downtime at night to play a game called Catch Phrase. The game is a hybrid “Password” meets “Taboo” where you pass around a circular machine that displays a word. It is up to you to have your team guess the word on the screen without actually saying the word yourself, and without gesturing. Once your team mates guess the word you pass the machine ASAP like Hot Potatoe before the buzzard sounds (it is beeping all the time and beeps faster as time winds down). You don’t want to get stuck when the buzzard sounds because the other team gets the point. Very fast and intense game.

It was the 2 guys (pop-n-law and me) versus the 3 girls (sis-n-mom-n-law and Fifi the fiancée). Pop-n-law and I were very short-worded and calm when it was our turn as opposed to the girls with there life long stories.

I’d say “Gambling problems in baseball” and he’d guess “Pete Rose” correctly. One girl would say “it’s the day I was born, but 3 months prior to that…” they’d guess “July 4th!” and that’d only be the first word in the entire phrase.

Sis-n-law Mills gets the Catch Phrase gizmo. It’s her turn. “It’s um…ooo! It’s something Brown Man needs…”

Mom-by-law guesses “Viagra!!”

“What?!? I hope not!” Fifi yells.

They had to pass and go onto the next phrase. The word to guess was “Job”. No. I don’t need Viagra yet mom-n-law. You’re daughter can attest to that. She needs the human equivalent of bug repellant sometimes.

Glad to blogging about my potentcy over the toilet. Couldn’t sleep and I definitely woke up with no need of Viagra, so that reminded me of the story as I give birth to something fierce in the bowl.


5 Responses

  1. i think it would be even cooler if the game was played while you were all on the toilet. it would require a line of toilets, usually found in a military barracks, and maybe you get an extra point for the team that all flushes first or something. i think once the details are worked out, it coud catch on big. soon there would be “pooping with the stars” and such.

  2. still the best toilet blog on the net.

  3. I…I love it. I love the idea of…pooping sharades, poop phrase, poop around the roses, etc! Alien, you have made your smear (as opposed to mark)!

    Nathan, blogs may end but poop must go on. I am just reporting on it 🙂

  4. correction sir.
    jen said “Brown Man is on this”
    i said “unemployed”
    mom-by-law said “viagra”

    then all was in agreement that this story shall be blog material 🙂

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