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Now Who Did That?

Fifi (fiancée) went into one bathroom in our house and yelled “Brown Man, what are you doing to our towels??”


“This one has bleach on it- and so does the one I’m using now!”

“Not me. Ignore the fact that I’ve been home for the past 5 months and the only one doing the laundry out of boredom.”

I have no clue how it happened, but so far 2 towels have a firey stain on them. And I don’t even use bleach for fear of how to use it in the first place. A Perry Mason mystery if you ask me.


7 Responses

  1. The Cat did it

  2. I’d say that maybe in one of your masturbation rituals, you probably finished on the towels, instead of the toilet paper, or paper towel to which you should use to “finish”. FiFi, my suggestion to you, is rub it up against your face, if it scratches you, then browman finished on your towels. I guess after 5 months, he became somewhat dilusional, and forgot i said “Paper Towel” and not “Towel” Good job Brown man. You got some very bleachy friends,

    • (In Stewie voice, getting progressively high-pitched) Maybe I should aim for my lips, aye Head? You…you think that would work? Maybe…maybe aim a little away from the towel, hmm? How…how about I misfire and have droplets break skin lips? Maybe, maybe I take a trip down semen lane as it hits my lips like a friend I know?

      Nah, you wouldn’t know much about firing sperm at all.

  3. Well after such a response I doubt anyone who does not read between the lines would not know what happened.

  4. Kind of looks like Jesus

  5. Jesus in my towels… I feel sacreligious for washing it now

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