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Gotta Hide The Tats

As I mentioned, I am wearing a polo shirt today. It’s short-sleeved and my first attempt at showing off some skin at the new job. I made sure that my two arm tattoos on either arm was covered before leaving the house. Just didn’t feel it was time to let people know I had a past of attempted badassedness.

Then at work I see 2 guys also wearing short sleeves showing off tattoos that went down to their wrists. And while being trained at this guy’s desk he showed me and a female higher up his tats. I don’t even remember how it came up- but as we tried to decipher what his tattoo was he ended up pulling off his shirt to show us his 2 animal tats.

Crossroads. I wanted to be cool too. Heck, my tattoos were less of an effort to show – a simple lift of 2 sleeves. But I decided against showing my guns. 3 days into a new job I had to just remain calm and not let the testosterone flow. I know if one guy unveils his tats then it’s mandatory for every other male involved to whip out his too. Maybe some other time.


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