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Winter Continues In New York

Holy crap, it’s like I can’t get away from buildings that can’t get the temperature right. It doesn’t even boil my water because that would at least produce some damn heat. I was at work resting my hands by my laptop’s vent to keep my hands warm. I had to drink tea to rely on warmth for my hands….and
Lipton tea bag (giggle) is infamous for performing a “lipton”: giving an upset stomach which results in the runs. And I can’t drink any warm coffee because there is no coffee machine lest
you want to make it yourself via the coffee makers you have at home. Unless I can drop a cup and push a button for my coffee I ain’t making no coffee. Sorry to get ghetto there.

I found myself at the urinal feeling the actual heat being sent back to my crotch area as I took a leak. And in sorry, but I peed slower just to keep my hands warm which shrunk the hell out of my already little guy. No splash backs, just good warmth from the steam.


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