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First Day: Weird

It was just a wired first day of work. Normally you get the tour and intro to people. Maybe fill in a form or two. I got pointed towards where everything is in the office from my seat. I got introduced to people who were forced to sorta train me- so all 1 people. I was only told what the entry code into the locked bathrooms is because I asked with my bladder already bursting- only after I guessed where the bathroom is from noticing which door guys left the office from for a while before returning.

Naturally the technical guy of the office has been the coolest so far in his “I don’t give a shit” attire and robust swearing vocabulary. Everyone else is slacks-n-shirt and no sign of a pulse.


3 Responses

  1. so does this mean that you too have to wear shirts and slacks? Sounds like anal kind of people at your job, did not see that coming. I’m sure you’ll get them to ease up a bit, with your comical self. Once again good luck, have fun stay black, don’t let them change who you are brother. Power to the people.

  2. Maybe they rolled like that to try amd test you, see if u try and go in jeans. Maybe they fucking with the black guy of the company, damn racism still exists jejeje

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