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Naturally this post is about the toilet. The toilet particularly in a New Hampshire resort we’re staying at. I just had an epidemic at 5:16 AM after a day of Applebee’s and an Italian eatery- it was only a matter of time before my stomach would rebel. It boy did it.

The thing that bothered me however was that the toilet…I guess you can say “backwashed”. Yea. After each flush it’d splash back at my ass and that is just not cool. Two flushes in and I’m still finding more areas on my ass to wipe. And I don’t know of that’s toilet juice or…well you know.

To add insult to the experience I ended up spraying my cologne to cover up with wrong doings (or wrong do do-ings) and I caught my eye some how. Ugh, and I had to crap at a slower speed too to ensure no one would here the battle being waged in there so I took a very long time. Sis in law was right across the bathroom and the room next door were the parent-in-law.


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  1. your blog is nothing short of sodding amazing.

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