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The Rest Room And TP Issue

Out here in a New Hampshire resort with all the in-laws, Fifi and I are using the smaller rest room. Not sure if the master bathroom has a similar problem, but the toilet paper holder is aligned way out of natural reach. So you’re left to twist at the waist like a GI JOE figure and nearly fall off the can to wipe the ass unless you dismantle and hold the toilet paper roll in your hands.

Now onto the toilet paper itself. This thing was in and out of being 2-ply. Which means I had one of those moments you’ll swear to my face you don’t have, but if you are an avid wiper like myself you’ll encounter this problem. Thin enough toilet paper is weak when it isn’t 2-plied. So…yea I poked through and a finger slipped up in the area.

Sigh, yes I washed up nothing short of almost scrubbing down to the bones. But still. I don’t care how little I graze my cheeks, during battle I count on toilet paper as my shield. Sigh.


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