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At&t – Why Do You Forsake Me???

What the hell AT&T?? What the hell iPhone??? First thing is first.

AT&mother-fucking-T. Apparently as of 4:45PM I can’t get service on my faggot iPhone. No cell, no Internet. The one day I decide to venture into the lame
New York fag City. When I need to get in contact with my already-working-fiancée whom I will meet in the city after a city happy hour. How will I let her know I have had enough of these ex-coworkers here at this city and we need to leave?

And iPhone. I’m busy trying to type the word “hell”. Why the FUCK are you replacing it with you faggy autocorrect word “he’ll”????? HEll he’ll he’ll he’ll he’ll… See?????? Boils….my……water!!!!


2 Responses

  1. At least that’s not as bad as fuck/duck… pretty sure I was mad enough to write a blog post about it at one point.

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