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Same Cars

My father was telling me about a common problem he had when he owned a black Montero Sport a few years ago. It’s an SUV that everyone seemed to be getting at the time, and in the same color. One time him and a lady were getting out of a store and he ended on the driver side of a black Montero Sport:

“What are you doing?” she asked him.

“I’m getting into my car.”

“No, this is mine.”

“Oh shoot, sorry!” Yup, there were that many similar SUVs on the road that my father didn’t even recognize his own.

Another time, he was parked in front of my sister’s job waiting to give her a ride home after work. He wasn’t paying attention, and someone got into the car and he began driving away. Then this person spoke in Chinese tongue behind a bunch of bags she was carrying and my father stopped immediately. “Ma’am, you’re in the wrong car.”

“Oh so sorry!” she said.

Fifi (fiancee) now does that with our current car, a silver Acura. She would continue walking 5 cars deep or stop 5 cars too short because they are silver, despite not being the correct car. New York is very trendy when it comes to car colors, clearly mine was purchased in the “silver age”. These days cars are still silver, but charcoal/gray is the new fad. I had it made when I donned my first car: an electric blue Honda Civic that could be spot in any parking lot miles away.


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