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Finally, after 5 months of searching I can say I will be employed as of next week. 5 months of never knowing if and when I will get a job. 5 months of never being allowed to enjoy the 5 jobless months because I never had a clear idea of when I might be employed again. I have seen gray hair grow on my head and face in spots I never seen before.

This job almost repeated itself like 2 other positions I nearly got. All 3 said I was their top candidate and all 3 fell out of contact with me and the recruiter. When I heard back from the previous 2 almost-jobs they decided to go with someone else. Thankfully 3rd time was a charm here.

When I told my father, he said “make sure you go to church on Sunday and make a little donation.” When I told my mother as she got home about 20 minutes later, she said “you know what that means? You better get to church and give some money.”

I explained to them that church isn’t a wishing well you just throw money into and hope your every wish comes true. Granted it seems to be that way, but it’s so sad to know that’s how my parents feel this is the way the Christian system works. Surely many people go about thinking this, but my parents too? Funny.

Now my only concern is the routine I have developed with Bellies. That big lug was one of my rocks this whole time- our man dates will have to sadly come to an end. Our Ihop dates, discussion of porn, and video game playing. Hopefully we can at least carry on such convo via IM at work, I’ll have to see what my limits are there. Can I IM people? Can I check personal e-mail? How are the bathrooms there? Do people neglect using toilet paper or toilet seat covers to create a barrier from ass and bowl like my last job?

Stay tuned!


8 Responses

  1. Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need to hang out this weekend.

  2. Congratulations, on the job, Now you can stop stealing stuff from baseball stadiums and actually buy them now.

  3. L tells me that’s what Buddhism is for. No money, just light an incense stick!

    (Congrats, by the way.)

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