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The Cat Is Acting Out

I went to watch my friend Head’s kids this past Tuesday early in the morning so that he can register his eldest kid for Public School. Since the eldest had to be there to register I was left with the 3 youngest and vibrant kids of the clan. I managed to survive- even went on errands with Head’s wife to help watch them as they got their haircuts.

After being out from roughly 6:45AM I got home around 1:40PM. Got home and opened the bedroom door to see my own kid walk out: the cat was locked in our bedroom accidentally by Fifi (fiancee). Now subconsciously I probably do that on purpose, but I can totally understand how Fifi would lock the cat in anything since this tiny slut gets into cabinets and rooms that we don’t notice until she begins to cry behind locked doors. I have locked her up accidentally (at times) without even noticing. Even in drawers.

So the cat was locked for a good 8 hours or so and ever since she has been a menace. Acting out like an angry teenager, jumping on things, eating our 1 live plant in the house, whining like a little tool every waking moment…I am a moment away from leaving the front door open to let her see how easy it is out there. Let’s see who will feed her and provide shelter. These kids think they know everything until they’re forced to provide for themselves.


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