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Facebook and the MTV Video Awards

As I finally come off the flooded news feed from Facebook about everyone “never forgetting” 9/11 this past Friday, the next onslaught of updates came in on Sunday referencing the MTV Video Awards. Everyone lending their 2 cents on the Awards Ceremony and Kanye’s actions, Lady Gaga’s weirdness…I was kept up to date on how everyone felt. I even joined in after a while myself trying to get people to stop bashing Lady Gaga. This chic has all these costumes and masks- I admire her because if I looked bad myself I’d just go all Marilyn Manson and doll up with costume changes and makeup too.

But overall it’s just weird how people are watching TV and trying to get their up-to-date thoughts in before anyone else as though to compete for freshness.


2 Responses

  1. I didn’t watch the video awards, I just youtubed the important parts and then added my two cents… of course all the while pretending that I didn’t have better things to do than watch it (there was a MASH marathon on at the same time and I have my priorities straight).

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