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The Heroes in Row 9

At the Yankees vs. Blue Jays game up in Toronto, Head and I acted very…well very Head and I. Fifi (fiancée) didn’t care for such behavior when we all went to a Yankee game a few years back, so we leave her Red Sox souless arse home. But clearly we can get a bit annoying, especially after 4 beers no food and all sun.

No worries however. As far as I know we never got complaints because our insults against the teams and fans who are against the Yankees are done tastefully. Here’s my example.

We are used to the ballboys of Yankee Stadium tossing the practice balls into the stands after each inning. Head and I didn’t care for a ball, but sitting only 9 rows from the field we couldn’t but help yell for one from the ballboy who looked dead at us as we bitched for a ball. But he didn’t throw one.

“Communist! Nazi!!” I yelled. Toronto fans totally agreed if not accept my playful not-so-cruel banter.

Head and I then went down to the ballboy and told him we wanted a ball for the boy sitting in front of us with his father. We even had the boy wave. And at the end of the game we got our ball for the boy even though he was a Blue Jay fan. The father was extremely happy.

No, don’t call us heroes. We are mere fans of baseball who remind people: calm down, it’s just a game. We ended up chanting things like “1993!” to mock the last time the Jays won the World Series. Why? Because we care.


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  1. Where is the picture we took?

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