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Yes, Same Clothes

Fifi (fiancée) took a look at me in the car as I was dropping her to the train station for work.

“Are you wearing the same clothes from yesterday?”

“Yes. I didn’t shower this morning so I slept in this too…”

Oh I hear all of you out there judging. But I feel I can wear my “sleep clothes” after a shower if it’s after 5pm. And I don’t feel comfortable changing into something else if all I’m doing is getting into the car for 20 minutes. Why dirty clean clothes when I’m not showering?

I am certainly not slacking off from being unemployed all these months.


3 Responses

  1. I certainy agree, unless you had rigerous sex, where your body has been sweating and well your womans scent is all over your clothes, then i would do the same, after all you are just driving to the train. I do it from time to time, wake up in morning run to the market, and come back home. Now if you were doing this to go out in the town, then certainly there would be flags raised. nothing wrong with it at all. you got my support dirty man, LOL

  2. Head you got to go into detail you just can not agree LOL
    Brownman I understand

  3. Senor barriga to go into detail. I have also woken up put on same clothes as the evening b4 to go to supermarket which is across the street from where I live at. Or to go do a quick drive drop off. Now putting same clothes onall day next dau that. And without showering souble eww your body sweats and well its just icky. So never. Toronto were not panning but tentatively might catch a game there no planning

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