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Dating Has Changed

Fifi (fiancée), Mills (sis in law), and I were in the car when Mills just had to know the name of a pizzeria in Long Island which slipped her mind. It’s supposed to be a great pizzeria that her boyfriend’s father recommended. “The best”.

Mills ended up borrowing Fifi’s phone to call her boyfriend and then his father to find out the name of the pizzeria. Called his father. Directly. Fifi won’t call my parents’ house for fear of, well, talking to them. I don’t answer our home phone when I see the area code of Fifi’s home town.

But there she was, Mills carrying on a full blown conversation with her boyfriend’s father on Fifi’s phone on a weekday. I only mention the weekday part because we share minutes on our plan. And after all this, the pizzeria turns out to be nowhere near us in Hicksville.

“You don’t go to Hicksville?” Mills asked.

“I don’t get involved with things that mention ‘Hicks’.”


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