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Brown Man, White Suburban City

As mentioned earlier we went to a Blink 182 concert on Tuesday. Very late. We ended up catching the last song of Weezer and they sounded like they brought the house down. Sigh. One can argue that I am a white person at heart.

Being this white guy trapped in a burnt body I feel awkward going to these concerts on Jones Beach where all the white teens crowd the stadium. I have no idea to do with myself when the bands play…I mean I shimmy a bit to the beat and mouth the words I know all while standing. But I can’t help but feel people looking at me since I am the ONLY Indian-like dude in the stadium that I could see. There were a few, and I mean FEW blacks in the crowd so I guess it’s only natural to feel that everyone behind me in the crowd takes a glance to see me mouth Blink 182 songs for verification that I even belong there.

When there was a break before Blink went on stage, Fifi (fiancee) and I were chatting a bit and tossing each other a kiss here and there. I heard someone behind me say “she’s his vanilla” and I can only assume they were talking about us. I wasn’t offended at all, the person didn’t sound hateful so I decided to not make a scene despite my natural minority instincts acting up.

But you know what? I’ll keep going to these concerts. I see half the people in the crowd just standing there quiet while I’m the one bobbing my head and singing what I can. It isn’t a competition to see who is the bigger fan- just vindication that I know I belong there as much as the next white guy. I am a modern day Martin Luther Indian King.


4 Responses

  1. shit man…no need to justify yourself. Yous like what yous like

  2. It was compliment- everyone knows chocolate is better than vanilla.

    • It’s true- chocolate outweighs all that is vanilla…just look at how the South is dark choco country. I guess I can accept being compared to the blacks…

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