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10 Things I Hate About Jersey: Their Friggin Cops and Laws

Ho-lyCRAP do the Jersey Shore cops have a bug up their ass! I swear, I’d think New York cops have a lot to deal with: punk teens, bums, pompous assholes, drug dealers- and so on. These Shore cops probably deal with all of these things, but certainly on a smaller scale. And yet on any given day New York cop doesn’t act half as dick as these NJ Shore cops.

My specific example comes from the walk we took along the boardwalk. We saw 7-8 cops surrounding one man on the bench. Apparently he was playing his guitar for money. Reminds me of New York where many people strum their guitars for some cash in more inconvenient places like a subway where I just want to listen to my ipod. But on the shores, on a boardwalk…why can’t the man play his damn guitar?

Okay, let’s say it is against this weird cuntry of “New Jersey” to play your guitar for money. A New York cop usually gives a warning and sends the pan handler away. Or they can just arrest him. Whatever, do one or the other and move on. But 7 cops, surrounding this one man, who was already packed at this point and now not allowed to leave nor was he getting arrested. He seemed to be pleading his current knowledge of the law to one cop as the others faced the crowd like bodyguards to ensure no one interferes with their business. Almost like their sole purpose was to just humiliate the guy in front of hundreds of onlookers.

Dude, that’s 5 things now I can’t stand about Jersey.


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