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10 Things I Hate About Jersey: It Stinks

Man, talk about odors. I even expect some stink since we’re by the Jersey Shores. But yowsers, there’s almost a designated area for odor on the boardwalk. I kid you not- when you get towards the end of the boardwalk, an imaginary line is crossed and BAM! Stink.

And let’s talk about when 4 of us were just standing on the walk, minding our business. We were watching one of our party members playing a game for prizes when someone passed behind us.





4 of us in a line gagged one after the other as this guy passed by with his waft of stink. The last one, “Gawwph,” was my cousin who actually spit up the ice cream he was eating and threw out the rest as he lost his appetite. I know it isn’t a Jersey thing, he could be anyone just stinking like that. But it’s Jersey, so screw it. He deserves to remain quarantined to Jersey until they cure his stink.


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