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I Said Don’t F My High

This weekend was supposed to go great- a weekend to help me get into a good mood after being unemployed for over 4 months. I told everyone going to the New Jersey Shores with me for vacation: “Don’t fuck up my high.”

-My cousin is at the hotel we’re staying at and it turns out my room won’t have an A/C nor a door. I called him later to find out that everything is clean and calm now, that the room will be fine. Hmm.

-My sister-in-law left later than we had hoped for and won’t get here in time for us to make it out of New York before the looming storm hits.

-My sister is off hanging out with her friend rather than being on stand by to leave at the drop of a dime.

-My fiancée is upset with the room situation and is likely in a bad mood from the situation.

-I am very pissed all around. We will definitely be stuck in New York City traffic by the time everyone gets their shit together.

I am sitting in my dark living room now, just listening to the thunders. Boils my water.


5 Responses

  1. Be careful if you plan on going in the water. The hurricane is going to create some crazy riptides.

  2. Who ever F up your high throw them in the riptide

  3. I second bellies notion, all except fifi of course, u kind of need her for next year, and well she is the bread winner LOL. As for planning, that’s why i don’t plan SHIT, cause it never turns out how u plan, big reason why i won’t talk about toronto till about 2 hours b4 we are supposed to leave. TTYL

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