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Movie Review: District 9

We went to see District 9, but not at the theater I was hoping to go to. We have a card that allows us to see free movies every Tuesday night, but holy crap was the line long! There were nothing but teenagers on the line, and the movie was about to start. On a Tuesday night. Fifi (fiancee) thinks the teens are getting their last licks in before summer is over. I agree and say they also need a place to go to get their blowjobs, and their hand-me-down cars with no A/C makes for sweaty, unappealing balls.

So off we went to our backup theater, which was filled to the brim also! It was packed with a bunch of dudes on dates- with their other dude friends. Many man-dates in the crowd. It had been a long time since we were in such a packed theater, especially with so many dorky dudes. On a Tuesday night at 9PM! What the hell?

Oh yea, so onto the movie itself. Bravo! This movie is a different take on aliens than what we’re used to, and Peter Jackson did a great job with the film. Great action and really good acting – I feel I got a grip on life in Johannesburg and this movie helps confirm why I’ll never visit. The effects were well done and the plot didn’t lull at all. I was a little disappointed with the ending at first- but understood that this is a decent ending provided that there is never a sequel. I can see Hollywood destroying any sequel and make it too modern-day Star Wars in a gay way.

Onto the Poop Stick meter. You need 5 to be the best movie ever, out of 5 possible Poop Sticks. And home skillet, this movie is a worthy 4.5 Poop Sticks. Entertaining, original, and it even had Fifi wondering if there’s a hidden meaning in the movie. I personally don’t think so, but you can’t help but evoke deep thoughts here. Which I am not capable of, so back to the Poop Sticks: this movie made me feel like $22 well spent on tickets. I felt like I took a hearty poop, that’s how fulfilling this movie was.


4 Responses

  1. You realize Peter Jackson didn’t direct it, right? He only produced it, which basically means he paid for everything. The director was a first-timer who previously was a special effects guy that moved into directing commercials.

    (Actually, Peter Jackson’s best contribution was letting the director do what he wanted including hiring a guy with no previous acting experience for the lead. Good thing–that dude was awesome.)

  2. “Entertaining, original, and it even had Fifi wondering if there’s a hidden meaning in the movie. I personally don’t think so, but you can’t help but evoke deep thoughts here.”

    I guess you missed the apartheid allegory here. Yeesh, you should run these by me before you make them live.

    • Well yea, got the apartheid down….but that isn’t the hidden meaning I was looking for. It seems like there’s something more than that- apartheid was the obvious theme going on here. And I guess I automatically assumed Jackson directed…the man’s name is all over it. Well kudos no name director.

      • That’s nothing new. Remember when Hero came out and Tarentino’s name was all over it?

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