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The Clean Up

We had a few people over after playing some softball this past Saturday for BBQ. I had no chance to shower after softball, but rest assured fellow patrons of my BBQ food, I did clean my hands constantly before handling your meat (that’s what she said). I can’t assure you that the sweat from my underarms didn’t reach a few burgers since I was wearing a muscle shirt and there was nothing to catch the drip.

After all was said and done, and Fifi (fiancee) was buzzed from my Sangria, it was time to clean up. I hate it when you invite all these people and they don’t have the common sense to finish a drink they pour for themselves. I had at least 10 half-full cups (or half empty for pessimists) and a few that didn’t even looked like they were touched. It would be a huge pain in the ass to take these drinks from my backyard to the kitchen sink to empty two at a time, and I would not dump them in my yard because New York gets VERY bug-filled at night. So I did the next best thing and dumped all the drinks in the backyard of the 3 surrounding neighbors.

I did sort of mess up by yelling “dump it by the neighbors” when someone helping me asked what to do with some debris. Out in Long Island, the outdoors get silent quick after 9PM so any neighbor could have heard me yell that. Oh well.


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  1. if i remember correct the last time a person did not shower at your house, you had to get professional cleaners to well basically get teh smell out, hope that did not occur this time. Just asking.

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