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Skid Row

What makes the substance of your poo stick to the ceramic material of your toilet on its way down after a flush? I mean, I don’t care if I’m at a public restroom (heaven forbid, all that fecal matter before you sit down)…but when I’m at home or a friend’s house, the only thing I want left after a poo is a faint scent. I was worried after taking a load off that I got remnants clinging to the bowl and I knew Fifi (fiancee) would eventually be hitting the toilet herself soon.

It’s still embarrassing to have Fifi see what damage I can do in the battlefields, so my backup plan was to drop some extra toilet paper in the bowl should the pasted matter not flush. I’m so good to my woman, making sure the throne we share isn’t soiled.


5 Responses

  1. definitely what we call TMI (three mile island)

  2. another thing you could do is take a load of paper, and as the water is going down, wipe the toilet as if it were your ass, lol>>>><<<< haahahahaha.

  3. you can always take your sisters toothbrush, or her boyfriend’s toothbrush, that is if he left it behind the last time he was there LOL……….im just kidding LOL

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