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The Toilet Carosel

We were in a hotel overnight yesterday in unknown New Hampshire. It was a decent Clarion hotel which boasted a beautiful view of a gorgeous power plant should you get the right room.

We got back to the room after attending Sil’s (sister in law’s) high school graduation. I hit the bathroom to take a long awaited pee, as Fifi urged me to hurry so that she can hit the poo train. I know how rare it is for most chics to go in the first place because they aren’t as full of crap as guys, so I hurried.

But as she was in there and I watched the Yankees beat up on the Red Sox…it hit me. I had one in the chamber but nothing serious- all of a sudden a flock of wet hot feces waged war and I was squirming while Fifi just chilled in the bathroom. If she’s anything like me, she was probably fooling with her iPhone in there while she made sure everything was out.

We have this thing where we don’t disturb each other whilst toileting because the sounds our asses make is just too embarassing. Plus I’m stage shy so if I knew she could hear me I wouldn’t go unless I drown my assplosion with loud running water from the shower. After a while she was out and was getting ready for bed by using the sink next to the bathroom.

Best believe I chased her out of the area. Best relieving crap in weeks. Must be the New Hampshire water. Or the Red Sox fans give me the runs.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, I never took you as a shit-whilst-tap-running type of guy. I thought you crapped loud and proud.

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