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Smelly Ass Eliminated From The Couch

In the neverending battle against odor and trying to prove that not all Indians smell, I am forced to deal with my sister negating my fight against Indian stereotypes. As mentioned, she swears after a run outside it is her swamp ass I was smelling on our couch when we returned from a trip to Cape Cod. So I had to call the Ass Busters, as you’ll see below. He was able to capture the ectoplasm from the odor in his complicated machinery.

This super gay dude came shot out of a cannon forcing me to pay a whopping $175 to clean my couch. He claims that you can’t just clean one couch since the other may not match in color afterwards. So I gave in as he flailed his gayness all over my living room.

I am now forced to make my sister work off her debt to me- today she helped keep my garden weed-free as she plucked them in the hot sun. Tomorrow will be the cleaning of my car, then I will make her clean the cat’s litter to conclude phase one of chores.


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