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Movie Review: Funny People

This movie comes from Judd Apatow- the dude that brought us classics such as Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin. Can he possibly bring us a dud with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan in it? Hell yea! This movie is about the lives of comics and specifically a few incidents Apatow and Sandler themselves encountered when they were roommates. It was even revealed by Judd that Sandler had hit on his wife back in the day who is also featured in this movie. And to be honest with you- that entire storyline where a dying Adam Sandler seeks the girl that got away is entirely unnecessary and super long.

Fifi (fiancee) and I were debating whether or not to even leave this super long movie. I will quote my actual Facebook status and comments:

Brownman: Funny People was not so….funny
[Obviously Spanish] Friend: jajajajjajajaaj..it was hilarious
Brownman: You really thought so? Fifi and I were begging each other to be the first one to leave
Friend #2: …so what’s the verdict..? Was it funny or not. BRUNO, that was funny. It was HOLY SHIT funny.
Brownman: I would say this was NOT Bruno-holy-shit funny…it was more like Benjamin Button-funny

I typically rate movies based on Poop Sticks: the more sticks the merrier. But for a movie full of crap, this movie can’t form any solid poop sticks at all. Out of 5 Poop Sticks this crappy movie gets 2.1. I love stand up comedy so the stand up pieces alone made this movie tolerable…but still not worth even matinee prices. It was way too long, and I get Apatow was going for a more serious movie this time around. Big F for effort.


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