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Dark Flags Great Adventures

As mentioned I went to a Six Flags amusement park yesterday. Naturally we worried about heading to such a place when there’s rain in the forecast for what seems like the rest of Summer here on the East Coast. Any storm results in the closing down of many rides due to lightning. But we went anyway.

Unfortunate for me I believed that it would be mostly cloudy until the rains come later in the afternoon, so I left my hat home. Not wise when I just got the Shaven Britney look and there was sun all day. And chances are I tanned even further, making the need for me to hibernate from sunshine even more important to ensure no “Black Man Big City”.

Naturally my cousin and I were 2 of very few Indians there yesterday. All of them looked at us to make sure we weren’t related. But these people were FOB (fresh of the boat, if you’re keeping score at home) with their polos, long jeans, and sandals.

We won some teddies for our women at the games there. It was very competitive- an entire flock of just us 2 shooting water into the target and only one of us could win. Then more competition ensued when we swung the heavy mallet to test how strong we are.

I scored a high of 63 out of 100 and was still allowed to choose a prize just for playing. My cousin scored a 99 and got a similar prize. I was on my game yesterday. One game asked that we whack moles with mallets, first one to 150 points wins. It was only my cousin versus me, so again one of us had to win.

My cousin’s mole station already read 80 points and didn’t move at all when the starting buzzard went off so I won. The game attendant didn’t know what to do so he gave us both a prize. Minorities win again, in the end.


3 Responses

  1. Aw so cute!

  2. I’m impressed you avoided the lightning storms–we had some nasty ones here.

    I was in line for a coaster at Great Adventure when a bolt of lightning struck a fence 50 feet away from me. The long got a lot shorter after that.

    • 50 feet away, sheesh Louise! We only got some thunder….but needless to say Kingda Ka was closed to avoid even the slightest chance of lightning. That ride is like a docking station for lightning.

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