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Mystery Odor

“Hey, fiancée, can you come here a minute and tell me what this smells like?” Fifi came over to the couch cautiously. “Smell the couch…”

She took in a good whiff and nearly puked. “Aww why the HELL would you let me smell that??”

“Well I need to know why only the middle seat of our three-seated couch smells…and what that smell is.”

“Ugh. Smells like bad body odor. Or cigarettes. Why does our couch smell like that?”

Already the wheels are turning. We were gone for 2.5 days with only my teenage sister having access to our house to feed the cat. Naturally I thought of hijinx.

I hate to think that Fifi and I have been taking in whiffs of a boy’s ass, but I can’t escape the idea. I texted my sister because I couldn’t get a hold of her, and she said that the reason it smelt like sweaty ass and/or sex is because she went running and then sat down watching tv waiting to go hang out with her female friend. Mmm hmm.

I’m sure you see the same flaws in the explanation as I do, but I’ll keep you update with my findings as I further investigate.


3 Responses

  1. Someone had an exposed dirty ass on your couch, You know when you sit, and well your cheeks spread, the odor from within goes out and into couch. Dogs do that alot, Now this means someone was naked on your couch, Naked means sex, sex means you know, Well was your cat having sex. That is what i think.

  2. OH MY GODD!

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