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Toilet Talk: Stubble Doesn’t Bother Me Lady

Time for Toilet Talk since I remembered to bring my iPhone with me to the can. And a well deserved toilet break this is after scarfing down a ceaser salad wrap and M&Ms on the road after a trip to Cape Cod. I had one of those sweaty hunger attacks that put me at a rest stop on line for McDonald’s which was way too long and slow.

Women forever seem to be self conscious about the stubble on their legs. But as a man I don’t care that my face stubble shows. Heck, let your stubble meet mine and we’ll tango below state lines.

I can’t imagine a day old stubble on a gal bothering too many men. Heck, you’re lucky if we notice you showered before we bang like jackanapes. Then there may be the “I don’t feel comfortable” excuse whilst there be a little stubble. Think we’re all comfy when a lil headtivity goes on before we shower? No, but we ain’t turning it down.


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