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Extra Clean

They need to make an alarm or alert system in the shower that detects when you forget to rinse the soap from under your arms. I was already out the shower when I noticed this morning my dilemma.

I decided to just wipe it off with my towel due to my extremely lazy ass and twisted rationale. I figure that leaving soap in will just osmosisally fuse with my arm deodorant to metamorphasize into a wall of protection that permiates with sweat and then alliterates to make one dubious formula whom only physicists can penetrate with a death ray stun gun that contains anti matter that can only be replicated with all things equal and the same conditions exist at the time of penetration as they exist in a worm hole found theoretically in the ever expanding space.

So yea, by the time I think about all this I’m already in my jeans and there’s no way I’m hopping back into the shower.


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