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Okayyyy…I am OUTTA Here! Check Please!

I was in an unemployment seminar of sorts. Mandatory by these great counties of Long Island. The seminar thingy was held in a classroom-like area and the seats filled fast. A dude walks in, somewhat disoriented. I thought nothing much of him, perhaps a slow guy with a disability. When the attendance sheet was passed around he spoke a bit slurred to the lady in between us, I assume asking for a pen. It was us 3 in our row, and there were maybe 10 other rows behind us.

The speaker for our “class” went through a slide show, and people were asking random questions as he explained best practices in our job search. He dropped in some life example. Almost everyone in the room had asked or said something regarding useful websites and tips expect for slow man.

As the class dwindled down the speaker was on his last slide of listing some helpful websites.

“Are there any other sites…maybe questions you may have before we get outta here into that rain?”

Slow man raised his hand. “Frrrsaf frersafg frrtsdf?” he asked.

“Sorry, what was that sir?”

“What rights do you have for 4 felonies?”

“Um. I can talk to you afterward, I don’t think I want to discuss that in the room with everyone else here…”

So class ended. The lady sitting in between me and slow felony man nearly tripped over my seat as she was trying to haul ass to get out of there. She dared not leave the other way since it meant passing behind felony man.


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