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I’ll Have A Hatched Egg, With My Eggs

For 2 years I have been going to New Hampshire to visit the in-laws. And I demand we hit up the local diner “Mary Ann’s” for breakfast. This place is awesome- the Irish Eggs are my go to meal.

The tables here advertise local businesses under a glass. And I’m getting disturbed by looking at the picture below all the time. An ultrasound in color. A nice fleshy fetus to go with my eggs. Mmm.


4 Responses

  1. It’s the great beauty of mother nature. Get used to it. I hope someone tapes you while you’re in the OR waiting for your first born child to be delivered blanketed in a sheet of warm placenta.

    • Ew no thanks. That sucker gets born and that’s it. No cameras. Afterbirth, Mr. Brown Man? No thanks, Doc. Wash that little shit before you pass it onto me. And for Pete’s sake can you get my wife’s va jay jay a little tighter?

  2. Well at least you’ll have the snipping of the umbilical cord to look forward to

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