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A Gut Or A Butt?

Brown Man (11:13:11 AM): would you choose to be with a woman who had okay boobs, huge gut, and obvious cellulite… or a woman with a great ass but extremely smelly feet?

Bellies (11:14:12 AM): I am not an ass man, but a woman with a great ass and extremely smelly feet would be my choice

Brown Man (11:16:10 AM): I am with you kind sir

Brown Man (11:16:24 AM): My fiancée asked me this yesterday during a quiet Yankee game

Bellies (11:16:32 AM): LOL

Brown Man (11:16:38 AM): I too chose the ass over the gut

HEAD (11:28:55 AM): lol

Brown Man (11:32:59 AM): what about you Head?

HEAD (11:34:28 AM): i have a bad sense of smell so i would choose ass and smelly feet

Brown Man (11:35:01 AM): i know Bellies loves feet, but there’s no way he’s letting those touch his cock

HEAD (11:36:09 AM): LOL

Bellies (11:36:23 AM): LOL

Bellies (11:37:13 AM): i would still get a footjob

HEAD (11:37:22 AM): oh wow

Brown Man (11:37:24 AM): from smelly feet?

Bellies (11:37:30 AM): yeah

Brown Man (11:37:38 AM): ewwww why?

Bellies (11:38:39 AM): women scent is different  than the male scent  it would not bother me

Brown Man (11:38:53 AM): dude, smelly is smelly

Brown Man (11:39:05 AM): on a woman, it’s smelly with a pretty face

Brown Man (11:39:10 AM): that’s the only difference

Bellies (11:39:24 AM): LMFAO

Brown Man (11:39:29 AM): you are hard up for a woman’s touch, aren’t you big boy?

Bellies (11:39:45 AM): no

Brown Man (11:39:47 AM): i assume all bad smells are a result of vaginosis

Brown Man (11:39:52 AM): even if it’s on their foot

Bellies (11:39:54 AM): lol


3 Responses

  1. The question was perfect boobs not “okay” ones.

  2. There is no such thing as perfect boobs

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