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My Friend “Head” and Wisconsin

Brown Man: so did your little girl like the Jonas Brothers concert you took her to in Wisconsin?
Head: she loved it
Brown Man: was it all white people at the concert?
Head: yes and 8 Hispanics
Brown Man: 8? but u said u left ur other kids home
Brown Man: lol
Head: lol
Head: 5 mexicans over there
Head: they even took their flags
Brown Man: no they didnt
Brown Man: did they?
Head: yes
Head: and did i tell you … i met don mattingly out there?
Head: booo yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Brown Man: asshole. u talked to him?
Head: yea
Brown Man: what about?
Head: shook his hand and all
Brown Man: was he annoyed by you?
Head: he was somewhat like, “wtf since when odo i get bothered in wisconsin??”
Head: “who the hell knows me out here??”
Head: but he signed an autograph, took a pic, and we parted our ways
Brown Man: ah ok
Head: but still how close have u gotten to mattingly? LMAO
Brown Man: at a game, many rows away
Brown Man: many
Brown Man: many
Head: LMAO
Head: well if u want u can kiss my hand that shook his…
Brown Man: nah, it’s also been up a spansih chic’s ass
Brown Man: poor mattingly
Head: lmao


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