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Cain And Incest

I was watching a National Geographic show the other day on the story of Cain and Abel from the bible. Now growing up I accepted all the bible stories at face value and never questioned them. But then you get science questionning everything from the bible down to your sperm count and then points of views are changed forever. I knew Cain to kill his brother and I think I knew he was banished. That’s as far as I went. No more questions from little Brown Man.

Then this show points out all the details. He was banished for committing the first murder among man, he asks the famous question that never goes answered “Am I my brother’s keeper?”, and most importantly- homeboy probably had kids with his sister.

I just never thought of that- makes sense since Cain and Abel were sons of Adam and Eve, and no other human was mentioned until Abel’s wife who clearly could only come from Adam and Eve. Wow. They omit that part in church and the bible itself.

Side note, Fifi (fiancée) said she heard that down the line all blue eyed people are related. And also it’s somewhat in our genetics to seek out people that have characteristics which we ourselves lack to avoid picking what might be a relative. I think I’m somewhat safe grabbing me an Irish chic. Not much resemblance to an Indian-like dude.


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