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Room 212

We got a regular room out here in New Hampshire. I went ahead and plugged in my laptop to charge while we got ready this morning to go out. Perhaps moments later all electricity went out as I looked at the laptop accusingly. The front desk sent up Mr. Miagi (I think she said that was his name, though clearly he wasn’t Asian) to fix the problem but he had no luck. He came back with keys to what they said was an upgraded suite for the inconvenience, but we were worried as it was on the same floor.

But the move from 240 to 212 was more awesomerness than I thought. 212 is isolated from the other rooms, and doesn’t look out onto a Lowe’s store like 240 did. The pics are below. Looks like the room is regularly $300 a night. We have 2 TVs in here, kitchenette, table, and probably a little midget if we asked for one.

Naturally within an hour we had sex to welcome the new change, merely because we had enough room to do it. Fifi’s (fiancee’s) sister came in and saw the suite…hope she didn’t sit where we um…”sat”.

We probably have my magic laptop to thank for blowing the fuse in the first room, but now I’m not plugging it in just in case we lose power again.


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