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Next Party Coming Up

It’s been a slow summer for parties. Guess my minority brethrens are feeling the economic sting. We finally have a party coming up on August- a Sweet 16 for a girl I never met but is related to my cousins. I’m just going because I haven’t dressed up for anything besides an interview in a while.

It’s going to be a typical West Indian party so Fifi (fiancée) will be looking for fancy dresses that a white person wouldn’t typically wear until prom or an evening wedding in winter. Yup, West Indians get that fancy. I never really noticed until she pointed it out of course, since I’m used to all the over done make up, jewelry, and elegant gowns. Plus, I’m a guy so slacks and a button down always look fancy no matter where I go.

I’m actually looking forward to this party because Fifi just wants to get dressed up and go out. It’s hard when you got all this foriegn music going on you barely know how to dance to, but as time has passed by I think Fifi realizes that she isn’t the only minority any more that’s shaking her bum to the music. We gots all type of races at these parties, and people actually like her. She has to be one of the first white people besides Justin Timberlake to have rythym.


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