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That Was Awkward To Say At A Wake

My final story about the wake I went to last night concludes with an awkward story the pundit told. The pundit is the “priest” of Hindu, and he was the one performing the words and prayers last night. People were going up to say their kind words of the old lady that had passed away, and the pundit would say some filler words until the next person volunteered to say their piece. One lady had finished her recollection of good times with the now deceased grandmother of my friend, then the pundit got on the microphone and said:

“Thank you, she was certainly a good person indeed. Now that we have a moment I did want to mention an article I read on the internet, which detailed what to do when you have a heart attack. You cough violently, which sort of artificially kick starts your heart and allows you to save precious moments until the ambulance arrives.”

Needless to say the old lady died of a heart attack. Fifi (fiancee) and I discussed after the wake how weird and out of place it was of the pundit to say something like this…almost to say “this woman could have easily avoided death”.

But still, good to know in case of a heart attack.

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  1. Who is supposed to call 911 while you’re coughing? Would you risk gasping to someone to call an ambulance or would you focus on restarting your heart?

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