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Friend’s Grandmother Passed Away

I got word from my sister today that one of my groomsman’s grandmother passed away last night after 2 heart attacks. This woman was a nice lady- I grew up next door to the groomsman and spent quite some time hanging around his grandmother as we BS’d in the backyard.

First thoughts to myself while my sister explained what happened?

“I got decent funeral clothes I think…gosh I haven’t been to one in ages…is that like the same clothes you wear to an interview? Hmm, she was on the wedding list…guess we have time to figure who gets her spot…”

Sigh. I’m such an ass, I know. But on a serious note, this note being hours later of course, I texted the groomsman my sincere apologies. I didn’t want to chance the phone call in case he’s working right now unlike myself.

2 Responses

  1. Black, everything black. No need for ties, i think. Just black shirt black pants, black tie. black shoes, you might as go naked, you are probably more black then all the black clothes you would decide on wearing.

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