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Blog #17 of 50: Aw sookie sookie now

I randomly used the phrase “Awww sookie sookie now” in a time of angst on the train one time with my white fiancee. I tried to explain what it meant, I have used it in the urban world in 2 situations: one when trying to display my how I’m going to show that Mr. DumbfuckHistory teacher that I’m not a screw up, and another when giving praise to a friend in school for getting in with the hot girl at school after doing my ethnic whoop.

Urban dictionary seems to sort of agree with me:

1. sookie sookie now

expression of admiration, or satisfaction, especially in regards to the shape and beauty of a female
A beautiful girl with a tight body walks by and you look at her and say “Ahhhhhhhhhh sookie sookie, now!!”

2. sookie sookie now

meaning “oh, what now”
i win, sookie sookie now


2 Responses

  1. i am going to use that phrase all day and see what happens. thanks.

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